1. CE certification

Yes. We do have CE certification for S2,S3, S8 and S9 models.


2. Guaranty

12month. Most of our products has been used around 5-8 years.


3. Lead Time

From 3-15 working days


4. Following spare parts suggested to be replaced very 2-6monthes depends on the places you are using.

brush銆丼ide brush銆丅rush belt銆丄ir filter銆丼ealed block skin銆丅rush carbon brush

5.How about Warranty

One year for the whole units except easy broken spare parts


6.How long the battery can need to be charged and how long it can be used?

Battery need to be charged from 6-8 hours. Normally it charged at night. It can sweeper around 6-12 hours.


7.How many workers our sweeper can replaced?

S2 can replace 5 workers.

S3 can replace 5 workers.

S8 can replace 8 workers.

S9 can replace 9 workers


8. Distributors in overseas

We do NOT have any distributors in overseas right now. We are looking for distributors.It is our pleasure if you are interested in Cooperate with us.



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