Sweeper RD-T1

T1 Suitable for indoors and outdoors areas less than 20,000銕.A compact design combining a Wide 1050mm sweeping path,360鈩 maneuver ability and enough power for a ramp climbing capacity of up to 12掳or 20%.The ideal solution for small to medium sized area such as service stations, parking lots, factories and warehouses .You can cover large areas of floors or narrow aisle such as an elevator. It can clean dust and even debris.

Sweeper RD-T3

Suitable for indoors and outdoors from 30,000 to 50,000銕 such as plant,warehouses, packing place and so on. Filter size is 9.5M2 which is good for cleaning dirty and dusty places.

Sweeper RD-T9

T9 electric sweeper, cleaning width 1.9m. It suitalbe to clean area around 60,000銕 to 90,000銕 . Driver鈥檚 seat on the left. It has large slope view, SKD motor and Curtis controller. It can clean wide variety of rubbishes, such as leave, plastic water bottles, cans, sand and other garbage. The dustbin capacity is 180 litre. It can replace 8-9 clean workers.

Sweeper RD-T8

T8 Suitable for outdoors areas from 50,000銕 to 80,000銕 .It is good for cold place and effective everywhere,such as paths,pavements ,outdoor and indoor parking areas and so on.It is professional for continuous using on large cars parking, exhibition grounds and industrial areas. S6 can clean metal debris, ceramic powder, coal cinder and various industrial garbage.

Sweeper RD-T2

suitable for indoors and outdoors from 20,000 to 30,000銕 such as plant,warehouses, packing place and so on .It is small and maneuverable allowing the machine to fit easily through most doorways, aisles and congested spaces.

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